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Rodrigues, lying 650 km east of the island of Mauritius, has an area approximately 106km2 and is surrounded by 200 km2 of coral reef lagoon. The population is approximately 40,000 and constitute mainly of African descendent shipped from Madagascar, Mozambique, Guinea and Senegal some 300 years ago to this part of the world during the period of slavery.

In 1968,following the decolonisation process of the Island of Mauritius where Rodriguan were deliberately excluded and following the drafting of a unilateral constitution Rodriguan became unwillingly Mauritian overnight as we were not given the choice between freedom or colonialism.Read More...

Due to the different realities of the two Islands ,in 1976 a separate ministry was set up in Mauritius to deal with the affairs of Rodrigues and it is in that particular context that the Rodrigues Government Employees Association was set up to deal with the specificities of the public sector workers in Rodrigues.

In 2002, following a long sustained struggle, the idea of Autonomy for the ethnically diverse people of Rodrigues became a reality. Far reaching devolution from the centralised rigidities of Mauritian control came into sight.

A gist of our struggle

The Rodrigues Government Employees Association (RGEA) was founded in 1979 and is the first Rodriguan trade union set up in Rodrigues to defend the interest of the Rodriguan workers more precisely those of the public sector.

As any other traditional trade unions the RGEA has as objectives to defend the interest of its members and to fight for better conditions of employment and for the contentment of its members in the society. As a public sector union,we are also struggling for a strong public service with appropriate funding, structure and adequate well trained manpower in order to be in a position to offer quality public services to the Rodriguan people we serve.

Apart from our traditional union activities, we also campaign in favour of policies that will improve the living conditions of the workers, the unemployed and the poor.

We also fight for a new way of running our society, a new organisation of our society where it will be possible to provide every Rodriguan with decent employment, education, housing, health, access to culture and a say in the running of our society.

Finally, as it is not our lot in life to be perpetually governed by other people we are also campaigning for the redefinition of our status and for our right to self-determine our future.

Apart from our local experience, we are inspired in our struggle by protests in Tunisia, Egypt and other part of the world where people are making their voices heard, insisting on their innate dignity, and the right to determine their future because for us freedom, dignity and prosperity are not restricted to those culture and countries but are universal values for all of us.

We are aware of the huge challenges before us and are at the same time persuaded that a new dawn of progress, prosperity and freedom is in the making.

We are confident.

A better Rodrigues is possible!

A better world is possible!
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RGEA Workers Education Institute

About the RGEA Workers Education Institute

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Founded in 2010, the RGEA Workers Education Institute is a branch of the Rodrigues Government Employees Association, dedicated to act as an Education provider. With the support of its members, volunteers and part-time tutors, the RGEA WEI try to provide high quality student-centered and tutor-led education to its members, their family and Rodriguan from all walks of life.

We support the view that ignorance is the root of many ills and that knowledge must be a fundamental ally of nations that aspire despite all their tragedies and problems to become truly emancipated, to build a better world.

The RGEA Workers Education Institute is the first and only education institution of this kind in Rodrigues. We hold dear the concept of prefiguration and has always preached by example.
The RGEA Workers Education Institute is a very special education provider, we are an organization with a strong sense of social purpose dedicated to bringing great teaching into the heart of the Rodriguan Society. We are also different due to the high level of involvement of our members, volunteers and part time tutors at all levels.Read More...

We provide free, friendly, open and accessible education to all, you do not need any previous knowledge or qualifications to join most of our courses, only a willingness to share with others your curiosity, ideas and experience.


A better world-equal, democratic and just. Enn Rodrig lib kot fer bon viv through education, the RGEA Workers Education Institute challenges and inspires individuals, communities and society We are guided by our vision of a Rodriguan Society moving ahead towards the multiplication of its knowledge in every field; philosophy, politics, socio economics, history, science, the arts. Enn meyer lemond, ENN RODRIG LIB KOT FER BON VIV POSSIB.


The RGEA Workers Education Institute deliver its mission by bringing great teaching and learning to its members, their family and Rodriguans who want to improve their lives and communities. We try to ensure that there is always an opportunity for our members, their family and the most disadvantaged of the Rodriguan society to return to learning and become active citizens.

We also have a special mission to help our members and learners to learn whatever they want from cooking, history and skills for employment through workers education cooperatives study to socio-economics and cultural studies that help students broaden their horizon, raise their aspirations and help them create their own change and in turn change our society into ENN RODRIG LIB KOT FER BON VIV
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Email the RGEA Workers Education Institute? workerseducationinstitiute@rgea.org

RGEA Wellness Centre

About the RGEA Wellness Centre

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The RGEA believes that good health does not just happen; we had to make it happen. The RGEA wellness centre activities assist its members to achieve & healthy life styles that enable her/him realize her/his fullest potential and productivity.
The RGEA wellness centre is unique in its unique in its combination of a fitness and health. Read More...


To be a centre of excellence and well-being for its members in a dynamic environment.


The Centre mission is to create a conductive environment in which individuals experience a sense of well-being, faster lasting healthy choice through high quality, proactive wellness programs, services and facilities.


Establishing effective wellness programs Providing state-of-the-art fitness facilities and programs Providing quality wellness and recreational activities Helping members achieving healthy lifestyles Close Read More...

Email the RGEA Wellness Center? wellnesscenter@rgea.org